About How Will I Win?

Scarecrow President is satire and political comment but it’s also a story.

In a tradition stretching back to the Odyssey and Percival, the Story of the Grail, through to Journey to the West and Gulliver’s Travels, some of the greatest stories in history have been based around a journey, pilgrimage or quest. ‘A journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step’ Lao Tzu tells us, and for Scarecrow in this comic the realisation of what an enormous challenge he faces becomes clear.

How on earth will he become president?

Luckily, he has Crow by his side with the experience of serving three presidents, started three wars and wrote a bunch of laws. Crow’s proposal is that they get out there on foot to meet Americans in every state of the union.


Using all the cliches in the book (‘this land is your land’, ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’), Crow seeks to enervate Scarcrow for their tour of the country. Scarecrow, for all his simplicity, is not such a fool, however.

What does this mean for the comic?

We now get to take the story in modern America exploring its culture, society and history, tackling issues like guns, obesity, drugs and race.

That’s how Scarecrow will win the race to the White House where he can do anything except paint it.