About the History of Crows and Presidents

Episode 8 of Scarecrow President gives us an opportunity to find out what Crow is up to and why he brought Scarecrow to life at all. Who the hell is Crow anyway and what makes him think he can make anyone president? We learn that crows and presidents go back a long way.. And so,… Read More in About the History of Crows and Presidents

About Dumb is Sexy

webcomic dumb president

It was Bertrand Russell who said: ‘The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.’ For many people it’s a mystery why America ends up with idiots like Reagan, the Bushes and Trump at the helm. Shouldn’t one of the… Read More in About Dumb is Sexy

About How Will I Win?

Scarecrow President is satire and political comment but it’s also a story. In a tradition stretching back to the Odyssey and Percival, the Story of the Grail, through to Journey to the West and Gulliver’s Travels, some of the greatest stories in history have been based around a journey, pilgrimage or quest. ‘A journey of… Read More in About How Will I Win?

About Making Money

The clothes make the man – or the scarecrow – and in this episode our hero is transformed from a country bumpkin to a political contender a la Lincoln with just a fancy tailored suit and a top hat. Politicians are rarely seen in jeans and a hoody as the culture of our times dictates… Read More in About Making Money

About the American Dream

One of the great pleasures of writing Scarecrow President is the licence to recycle, plagiarise and riff on jokes, quotes and insights from comedians, intellectuals and artists of the past. It was George Carlin who came up with the line: ‘It’s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it’ The… Read More in About the American Dream

Please don’t impeach Trump!

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I never used to read the newspapers. I liked to start my day with some meditation, a bit of stretching, maybe take a book of Sufi poetry from the shelf and consider the refrains of Rumi over some oolong tea. These days I wake up in a sweat and run to the laptop to make… Read More in Please don’t impeach Trump!

About All the Presidents: Men

It always seemed the elephant in the room to me that all candidates for the American presidency were rich. How did they make their money and why did you have to be wealthy to run for office in the first place? Then I remembered reading the newspapers when I used to live in India and… Read More in About All the Presidents: Men

About Birth of a King

Birth of a King is where our buddy story really begins with its very own creation story: a scarecrow brought to life by a crow. I particularly enjoyed the savage imagery Kristel gave us of Crow’s beak jagging into Scarecrow’s face to make his mouth and eyes. Who, after all, hasn’t looked at a crow… Read More in About Birth of a King

Election Hangover – Didn’t Everyone Feel That Way?

Every story needs its creation myth and, as much as Scarecrow is a blank slate, it’s Crow who is the driving force behind the campaign so the comic had to start with him. Scarecrow President was conceived of shortly after the American election when everyone woke up with a bad taste in their mouth as… Read More in Election Hangover – Didn’t Everyone Feel That Way?