Scarecrow President is a webcomic born in response to the absurd American politics of recent times that resembled reality TV more than an election. Everyone complained there was no candidate they could really root for – so hey, why not vote Scarecrow in 2020?

Scarecrow President is written by Tom Thumb who came up with idea of the Scarecrow running for the US presidency as a way to cope with Trump winning the election.

Tom Thumb is an author, storyteller and has been travelling the world for the last 20 years. You can read and listen to more of his stories here.


Scarecrow President is drawn by Kristel Pent, a historian and artist from Estonia who currently lives in Greece.

The Scarecrow and Crow featured in another short story of Kristel’s and over a messenger chat they evolved into the dream team they are today. See more of Kristel’s art here.