About Making Money

The clothes make the man – or the scarecrow – and in this episode our hero is transformed from a country bumpkin to a political contender a la Lincoln with just a fancy tailored suit and a top hat.

Politicians are rarely seen in jeans and a hoody as the culture of our times dictates that while oil sheiks can wear their keffiyehs, any Western politician who wants to be taken seriously better look the part.

And what is the part?

Looking wealthy.

As we learned in All the Presidents: Men, American presidents are invariably rich (and become richer after they leave office by giving speeches for 400,000 bucks a pop) and the reason is pretty simple: how in the hell else you expect poor people to vote for you?

When I lived in India, I noticed that the politicians all seemed to be overweight and I eventually came to the conclusion that millions of hungry people wouldn’t vote for someone who didn’t look like they could feed themselves.

Many of Trump’s supporters seemed to follow the same intuition: desperately poor themselves, voting for a billionaire was about as close as they could ever hope to associate with wealth, and maintain the daydream that money of that kind might trickle down to them one day.

But as crow points out at the end: