Election Hangover – Didn’t Everyone Feel That Way?

Every story needs its creation myth and, as much as Scarecrow is a blank slate, it’s Crow who is the driving force behind the campaign so the comic had to start with him.

Scarecrow President was conceived of shortly after the American election when everyone woke up with a bad taste in their mouth as though they had drunk a bottle of cheap liqueur. We watched in horror as the smug grin on Trump’s face got even wider and wondered not if but how things would get even worse.

On the other hand it offered immense opportunities for satire and the chance to launch a webcomic spanning four years until the next election. Run Scarecrow! Run! 

We see Crow snatching a newspaper out of the breeze and reading Trump’s garish campaign slogan and one wonders why he needed to catch yesterday’s news to find out who won – was he out drinking all night, fearing the worst?

He flies off as though to put into action some plan he’s long held in reserve and arrives to a corn field where ¬†Scarecrow holds reign. Can he really be looking at the next president of the United States?

Hard to believe. But so was the election result.

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